DMX Found Unconscious, Hospitalised

DMX has been hospitalised after being found unconscious on Monday night.

TMZ reports that police were called to the Ramada Inn in New York at 6pm on Monday night in response to the discovery of an unconscious male in the parking lot.

Police quickly determined that X was lifeless, not breathing and with no pulse, immediately beginning CPR.

Reports suggest that after one minute of CPR, X’s breathing and pulse returned, after which he was given an antidote to combat narcotic overdoses which made him “semi conscious” before being taken to hospital.

A family member of the rapper stated that X, who is asthmatic, had asked for his inhaler before collapsing to the ground.

Another witness on the scene also reported to the police that they had seen the rapper ingest some sort of powder before falling to the ground.

DMX has since denied taking any narcotics prior to the incident, maintaining that he believes it was an asthma attack as a result of suffering from shortness of breath after having bronchitis for the past few days.

Thankfully it appears that the rapper turned supposed FBI agent is in a stable condition.