Stephen Colbert Tells Americans To Help Kanye In Hilarious New Video

Stephen Colbert has made an impassioned plea to Americans, pleading to support a rapper known as Kanye West, who desperately needs help to cover his $53 million in debt.

In a hilarious new video, the talk show host begins by criticising the widely reported attitudes held by Kanye towards both The Grammys and Taylor Swift, pronouncing him as a “visionary toddler” in the process.

Colbert first examine Kanye’s Twitter request for $1 billion to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. He then pulled out the organisational chart for ‘Ye’s creative company DONDA, which was Tweeted by West in order to reveal where the $1 billion would go.

After dissecting certain categories of the chart, including ’emoticon auto-correct’ and ‘seven screen movie experience,’ Colbert stated that, “I love this chart… it’s like an eight year old imagining their treehouse.”

“Billionaires, it’s time to do what’s right for the little guy….. let’s stop selfishly helping the country of Africa (see original tweet here) and start helping Kanye West because if you don’t, you’re not gonna get one of those cool new wolves.”

Watch the video in full below.

Kanye was due to release his new album The Life of Pablo last week.

However, the release has been delayed so Kanye can continue work on the album.

It will also apparently “never be for sale” and will only be available for streaming on TIDAL.

The saga continues.

Image: Twitter