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LISTEN: Bibi Bourelly Releases Stompy New Track “Sally” + Interactive Video

Last year, I shared Bibi Bourelly‘s thunderous debut single and video for Ego. Now, she’s returned with Sally, which has been released alongside a really cool, tech-savvy video clip.

The track is raucous and lively, anchored by a stompy blues-rock bass, with Bourelly’s raspy melody commanding full attention up ahead. It’s raw, playful and melodically brilliant – everything you’d expect from an artist who, at only 20, has already penned four tracks for Rihanna (including Bitch Better Have My Money and numerous tracks from ANTI) as well as Selena Gomez, Usher and more.

Designed with the help of LA’s Master of Shapes, the innovative (and slightly creepy) interactive video tweaks Tumblr pages, gifs and more to actually move in real time to the rhythm of the track. You can check out the fully interactive Tumblr clip here, or the “pseudo” version below.

With a voice as dynamic as Sia, as effortlessly sexy as Rihanna, and a writing and performing talent to match both, one thing is clear: Bibi Bourelly is an extraordinary talent in a world stifled by ordinary. I’m genuinely excited to see what’s next for this accomplished young artist.

This was originally published on Indie Shuffle