David Bowie

“Amy” Filmmakers Would “Kill” To Make A David Bowie Documentary

Amy was undoubtedly one of the most successful films to hit screens during 2015. So successful is it that it’s the top pick to take out the Oscar for best documentary. Following the acclaim they gained through their feature film on the late Amy Winehouse, film makers Asif Kapadia and James Gay-Rees have already announced two further projects: one being a series focusing on the life of soccer great Diego Maradona (Maradona) and an as-yet unnamed project on Brit-Rock Royalty Oasis. 

However, one of the film makers has said that both those projects would be happily put on hold were they presented with the opportunity to make a film about the late David Bowie. In an awkward turn of phrase, Gay-Rees told Hollywood Reporter“We would kill to make that film. We would do anything to make that film.”

Though he followed his comments up admitting that it is far too soon after the iconic singer’s death to discuss making a film about him, the cogs already seem to be turning, with Gay-Rees stating that trying to fit everything into one 90 minute feature film would be difficult. “There’s so much great material to work with,” he says. “Trying to do that in 90 minutes would be tricky.” Coincidentally, they’re already looking to make a foray into “more documentary series, more for the platforms in the States, the Netflixes and the Amazons…they’re the people we’re talking to a bit more now.”

While a Bowie documentary series would, undoubtedly be a massive hit if done well (and in the trusted hands of the Amy film makers, there’s confidence it would be), it seems particularly early to be discussing one. Gay-Rees added “If his estate is listening, please give us a call…but it’s far too soon. But if there was ever a conversation to be had around it….”