A$AP Rocky Allegedly Bashed In Auckland

Harlem rapper and hip-hop pretty boy A$AP Rocky has allegedly fallen victim to a bashing in New Zealand in the lead up to his performance for our trans Tasman neighbours.
According to TMZ (the champion of journalistic integrity), the A$AP Mob frontman was set upon in the early hours of the morning at the Pullman hotel in Auckland.
Accompanied by a bevy of beauties (honestly who would expect anything less?), it is alleged by witnesses and police reports that our favourite braided rapper informed 3 fellow hotel patrons that the elevator he was riding was in fact full.
With the patrons taking exception to this, it is alleged that Rocky was set upon and repeatedly punched and kicked until security and police intervened. It would also appear that the attackers knew exactly who they were picking a fight with, with shouts of “Fuck A$AP!” allegedly shouted during the altercation.
At this stage it would seem that the attack has had no impact on Rocky’s slated performances, or his confidence. The rapper took to Twitter to inform fans that he was only involved in a “scuffle” and that he is still “fucckin yo bitch”. Rocky is harbouring no bad feelings for New Zealand as a whole.
Even if he is nursing some minor injuries we are sure that after his recovery that Flacko will be just as pretty as ever, probably even more so. The scuffle did nothing to hinder Wavy Wednesday‘s, the A$AP Mob’s alternative to G.O.O.D Fridays, which blessed us with a remix of Hella Hoes featuring none other than Danny Brown.
 Image courtesy of Billboard.