The Offspring Sold Their ENTIRE Back Catalogue For $35 Million

I have no doubt that almost everybody reading this remembers growing up listening The Offspring. Certainly the first punk band I ever heard, their hilarious, brash brand of pop-punk is still one of my favourite throwback listens. It’s now been announced that the band have have sold their entire back catalogue for upwards of USD$35 million.

The Offspring were a massive international hit, selling more than 17 million units in the USA alone. Now, Round Hill Music has purchased the rights to, well, everything.

According to Billboard, the New York-based label owns the rights to six of the band’s studio albums, as well as a best of, making up Round Hill’s biggest acquirement to date. While their biggest album, Smash, is still owned by Epitaph Records, Round Hill own the publishing rights to the tracks.

Josh Gruss, CEO and chairman of Round Hill, said that “We have some masters like the Bush catalogue and records from developing artists like London Souls and Nigel Hall, but we wanted more exposure and you won’t get a more high-quality catalogue than The Offspring.”

Dexter Holland, Offspring frontman, gave a statement in which he sounded pretty damn stoked about the sale: “We felt that having the right caretaker for our catalogue, both the masters and the publishing, is incredibly important to the future of our career… Round Hill understands that we are continuing to perform and record and that the visibility of our past is critical to our future.”

Image: HeiHo