The Laneway Set Times Are Upon Us

Excited for 2016’s tone-setting summer festival, St. Jerome’s Laneway? We’re itching, positively itching here to kick off this fresh out the box year in the best way possible. Where better than at old mate Laneway, having brought the goods year after year and becoming one of the premier festivals on the Australian music calendar (and also the New Zealand and Singapore music calendars too).

That big delicious lineup has been out for a few months, with everyone’s anticipation building as the calendar ticked over and we were in 2016 all of a sudden. Today Laneway have released their timetables for each date on their multinational jaunt, to the sound of either huge sighs of relief or bitter groans of ‘can’t even deal’ disappointment depending on whether or not you had any of those dreaded set clashes.

Without further ado, here they are:













And there you have it. Time to start planning how in the hell you’re going to get from Royal Headache to FIDLAR in Brisbane in under five minutes like I am right now? Laneway have got you well covered, posting maps for each of these venues as well today on their website and launching their Laneway Festival app for iOS and Android. The app has everything you need to overplan the holy heck out of your Laneway, with maps, a planner, artist and event info and personalised notifications all included. Tumblr are on board too, with their new Make A .Gif  section of the app sure to provide all of the #LOLs and make all of your friends who can’t attend hate you unconditionally.

Tickets are on sale right now via If you like to re-live excellent times you had, check out our recap of last year’s edition here. Also, this very nifty survival guide may serve you well.

Check out set times and maps at