2 - Mangelwurzel by George Johnson

The 10 Best Songs Of The Week

Friday is also “Best Songs of The Week” day here at Howl & Echoes – a day in which we reflect on the week that was and narrow down all the releases to the 10 best songs we think you should hear right now. Compiled into a neat little playlist below, there is once again something for everyone as 2016 holds nothing back in regards to releasing really, really, really good music. Enjoy!

White Denim, Holda You (I’m Psycho)

White Denim are a rock’n’roll band from Texas, but from just hearing this song you could have probably figured that out yourself. Coming in like a god damn freight train, Holda You (I’m Psycho) is the first taste of their new album Stiff – and what a taste it is. Seriously, try NOT bouncing along to this one. It can’t be done!

Them Swoops, Into The Atmosphere

Melbourne band Them Swoops get their intergalactic jams on with this track, and take their new single out of this world. Taking lead from the indie electro explosion of the likes of Clubfeet and Van She, the boys use their synth know-how to their advantage, and their indie sensibilities to get you well and truly hooked!

Benji Lewis, Never Leave You Lonely

This isn’t the first time we’ve hailed a Benji Lewis track as one of the best of the week, and it probably won’t be the last. There is something about his voice that just gets me right where it matters, and I am hooked within seconds. Never Leave You Lonely is yet another powerful slice of emotional dance pop, and once again shows off his voice (his best asset) in all its glory.

Leiik, Words Over Yours

Just a few weeks out from the release of their self-titled debut EP, London newcomers Leiik are doing a pretty good job at making sure their sounds are heard loud and clear across the pond, and with tracks like Words Over Yours, it’s really only a matter of time until they really blow up. This soft and delicate number is as intimate as they come, and you feel like you’re being let in on a little secret. A really beautifully sounding secret.

Argonaut & Wasp, The Sneeze

Indie funk at it’s best, Argonaut & Wasp have offered up an absolute killer of a track with The Sneeze. They’ve been making music for over two years now, but this track is a testimony for just how far they’ve come, and what they’re now capable of doing. It’s a slow burner, but when it all comes to a head it’s so. damn. good.

Mangelwurzel, I.O.U

If you aren’t aware of Mangelwurzel yet, let us introduce you. The six-piece band hailing from Melbourne have made a name for themselves as a frenzied, chaotic bunch that make pretty awesome tracks that are unpredictable, off-kilter and captivating from start to finish. The band announced this week their long-awaited debut album Gary will finally out at the end of February, and released I.O.U to get fans excited about the accompanying national tour to go along with it! Head here for more details.

Tigertown, Bullet From The Gun

Signing to Inertia Music this week, Sydney band Tigertown aren’t wasting any time showing everyone why they’re deserving of such a deal with this new single. Slightly menacing, incredibly catchy, and effortlessly fun, Tigertown’s Bullet From A Gun is exactly the type of track you want to be releasing when you sign to a major label. We’re expecting big things from these guys!

Pikachunes, You Are

Monday Records signee Pikachunes has kicked off 2016 with a bang with this latest release. Theatrical, dramatic and intense, You Are is a disconcerting slice of dramatic indie pop that pairs Pikachunes’ unique voice with thick synth lines and crashing beats. It’s huge.

Fascinator, Time To Go

Spinning Top alum Fascinator does things his own way, and that’s why we love him. Experimental in all the right ways, Time To Go is another cut from his forthcoming debut album Man, and once again takes us on a slow-burning, psychedelic trip where Fascinator is the leader and we don’t really mind.