The Strokes Offer $1000 Bounty For Missing Guitar

The Strokes have put out a request to help find guitarist Nick Valensi’s missing Epiphone axe.

In an all too familiar story, the guitar was went missing en route from New York City to LA. The band posted a cry for help to their website and social media pages, asking fans to look everywhere for the missing guitar. 

In a bit of unfortunate news, we’ve recently learned that Nick’s beloved Epiphone guitar has gone missing while being shipped from NYC to LA. A description of the guitar and its case is below and we ask that you join us in keeping an eye out for it. It goes without saying how bummed he is that it’s gone missing.

If you have any info at all about the guitar – perhaps see it in a pawn shop or on eBay – please send an email to

“Colour: Natural (Orange-ish hue)
Brand: Epiphone
Model: 1995 Riviera
Serial Number: R95E5702

What makes it unique: The pic guard has been removed. The headstock plate has an “E” Epiphone logo on it. Trapezoidal “mother-of-pearl” inlays on the neck. It’s been modified with P-94 pick ups and trapeze tailpiece.

Black Calzone Flight case with metal edges and butterfly latches. There’s a crack in the bottom of the case with gaffer tape covering it up. Covered in fragile stickers and other markings from travelling.
We are offering a reward of $1,000 to the person that can direct us to the missing guitar.

We deeply appreciate the extra eyes and ears,

The Strokes”

The incident comes just over a month after Melbourne outfit Closure In Moscow had passports, gear and other equipment stolen in London. That incident occurred mere weeks after The Delta Riggs guitarist Alex Markwell had his guitar, pedals and pedal board stolen from his car. Furthermore, in October, The Creases’ bassist/vocalist Jarrod Mahon had his Brisbane home broken into, and his laptop, mixing desk and guitars stolen, and you come to the conclusion that humans are seriously skilled at the game of being a dick. 

It is an unfortunate first for 2016 in music, and will surely not be the last.