Straight Outta Compton Gets Just One Oscar Nomination, Ice Cube Responds

Smashing the box office and soaring to number 1, generating over $200 million worldwide, reinvigorating record sales for N.W.A, delivering an incredible album from Dr Dre in the form of it’s soundtrack, and quickly becoming a favourite in many many fans as well as the most successful biopic of all time – but no Academy Award nomination. Well, one for “Best Original Screenplay”, but like…

This is the news that was announced this week for Straight Outta Compton – the incredible biopic about N.W.A and their rise to fame. Anyone who saw the film was revelling from how great it really was, but it seems the Academy weren’t really feeling it. Picked to be one of the biggest contenders at this year’s ceremony, a lot of people were left scratching their heads at the notable lack of Compton on the list.

However, not everyone is upset. Ice Cube himself doesn’t seem too worried at all actually. Meeting with Wendy Williams yesterday, he said of the snub “I’m not surprised. It’s the Oscars — they do what they do. The people loved the movie. The people supported the movie. Number one at the box office, over $200 million worldwide, you know? I can’t be mad.”

Well you might not be mad, Cube, but we certainly are. Fuck the police Academy!

Image via StraightOuttaCompton.com