Stormzy v. Kevin Hart Is Everything You’ve Ever Needed

Stormzy has taken his mainstream appeal to the next level, delivering a hilarious rap battle with the minute master of comedy; Kevin Hart.

With none other than rap legend Ice Cube caught between the verbal barbs, both MCs spit some absolute fire over JME‘s Serious, as part of the promotional tour for Hart and Cube’s new film Ride Along 2.

Assuming his rap alias ‘Chocolate Drop’, Hart delivers some scathing bars:

“Get your tickets… alibi… Ride Along 2 in theatres… ahhhh”

“Cube I’m done,” he says afterwards. “Imma put the mic down because that was a lot of fun.”

You can almost pinpoint the exact moment moment where Ice Cube realises that he is now as far removed from N.W.A as humanly possible, particularly as Hart pleads with him to hire him in a starring role for Straight Outta Compton 2.

Just when you thought that lyrical wizardry couldn’t possibly reach a higher level, Stormzy grabs the mic and displays the talent that has swiftly established him as one of the most prominent grime artists of the moment (while also restoring the damage that Chocolate Drop had done to the genre in a matter of minutes.)

When he’s not hobnobbing with Hollywood’s finest, Stormzy is building on a stellar 2015, and putting the wheels in motion to capitalise on his success in 2016. The grime superstar has developed a relationship with Harlem pretty boy A$AP Rocky,  a move which could prove vital in launching his career into the stratosphere of mainstream hip-hop.