SNL Pays Tribute To David Bowie

The tributes to David Bowie keep on coming, and over the weekend, Saturday Night Live honoured the late singer. Former SNL star Fred Armisen returned to the show to honour his memory on last weekend’s episode, which was hosted by Star Wars’ Adam Driver, and featured Chris Stapleton as a musical guest.

Armisen recalls the “life-changing experience” of seeing Bowie perform on SNL in 1979, while he was in high school. “David Bowie transformed whatever space he was in, whatever medium he was using and, that night for me, he transformed live television,” he said.

SNL then shared his three 1979 performances of The Man Who Sold The World, Boys Keep Swinging and TVC 15. Bowie had performed on SNL two more times. In 1997, he brought Little Wonder and Scary Monsters to life and in 1999 he shared Thursday’s Child and Rebel Rebel with the SNL audience.

Bowie’s family thanked the public for their support during such a difficult time. Many people took to social media to say what Bowie meant to them, and some artists have released covers of Bowie songs, including Gang Of YouthsBruce Springsteen, Lido and Sarah Blasko. Most recently, it was reported that Bowie’s final album Blackstar has reached number one on the Billboard charts, claiming the top spot for the first time in the US.

Watch Bowie’s performance of The Man Who Sold The World below.

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