Apple Users Have Figured Out How To Beatbox With Siri

When Apple created Siri, their intentions were pretty clear. The computer program in your iPhone was meant to act as a personal assistant or a ‘knowledge navigator,’ so it wasn’t immediately obvious to anyone that she would become a beat-boxing champion. As it happens, there’s a new trick that allows your phone to become the next  Shlomo.

As discovered recently, if you asked Siri to beatbox it would do so in a rather simplistic, unexciting way (she repeats cats and boots, which is apparently the rhyme that beat-boxers use to practice). Now it’s been discovered that if you ask Siri ‘what is 1 trillion to the tenth power’ (why someone asked that in the first place is anyones guess), she will rip into a very long and rhythmic beat. The beat is so good, that it’s prompted people into filming their own videos with them singing over the top. The result is entertaining, to say the least.

There have been a few discoveries in the past pertaining to Siri’s hidden sense of humour. Every once in a while her responses go viral, like her reaction to being called the wrong name or even better, her reaction to Caitlyn Jenner being called by her birth name. This is the latest one to make the internet rounds, though apparently Siri’s beat-boxing prowess has been stored in our phones since last November.

With Apple installing new features over time, it’s safe to assume we’ll be discovering treats like this for a long time to come. In the mean time, these videos are more than enough to satiate our boredom for the time being.