She Oughta Know: Alanis Morissette Is The Guardian’s New Advice Columnist

British publication The Guardian have always held a highly regarded music section, but now, they can count one of Canada’s most beloved artists as one of their own.

Jagged Little Pill singer Alanis Morissette is taking over from fellow artist Molly Ringwald as The Guardian‘s new weekend advice columnist. Ringwald has held the position since September ’14.

Taking on an advice column is something of a natural progression for 41-year-old Morissette, who claims to have been a ‘family therapist’ when growing up in her hometown of Ottawa. “Parents, brothers, even extended family members, that was the role I took on, because I suppose I had this combination of intuition and empathy. I cut my teeth, basically, listening for a living,” she told The Guardian.

Morissette is a regular blogger on her own website, frequently publishing blogs and podcasts about health, wellbeing and more.

The singer’s first column will appear in the January 16 edition of the newspaper. This will be preceded by an exclusive interview with the artist this weekend, in which she talks about her rise to fame and working with pop stars including Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.

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Image: The Telegraph