PLAYLIST: Breakthrough Fridays

Welcome to the second edition of our Breakthrough playlists for 2016! Every week, we scour the Internet for the freshest new music from upcoming and independent artists. Covering pretty much every single genre in one playlist, we love nothing more than supporting upcoming acts who need it the most.

If you want your music to be included in net week’s playlist, please send us your tracks via

Kelly Krow, Slow Down (Ft. Nessa)
I love the slow opening and the tapered build up, making this a slinky, seductive track a perfect addition to the bedroom playlist.

I love how this song builds, finely plucked guitars to faintly building reverb and the building vocal harmonies. Very Alt J, very cool.

More, Without You
I’m not sure what it is about this track, but it’s crawled right under my skin. Packed with emotion, not to mention gorgeous synth-led melodic layers, this is my favourite track for the week.

CLAVVS, Leviathan
Opening on an ethereal, slow-building atmosphere, this track toys with contrast between a big beat, heady bass and a really gorgeous vocal melody.

Sonder Saloon, Woods
A softer song than what usually grabs me, the composition of this track is really gorgeous, from the beautiful guitar layers, to the emotive lyrics and vocal harmonies.

Skyler Cocco, Ordinary life
Something a bit different, I love the contrast between the heavenly vocals and the chunky guitar riffs, anchored by a huge rhythm.

Matthew Chaim, Vanilla Ways
This is a really sensual and smooth new track, complete with husky vocals and a big, warbled bass. It’s easy to get lost in this one.

Neil Young, Are You Ready For The Country? (Cari Cari x Bo Candy cover)
We said we we’re covering every genre, didn’t we? This is a really awesome, seriously catchy take on the Neil Young classic. I love it. And they’re from Austria, no less!

Ripynt & Carl Roe, Rock Bars (feat. Landon Wordswell) [prod. by Brainstorm]
By far the best hip-hop track we received this week. A slick flow, incredibly impressive lyrical dexterity, and it’s all backed with one hell of an instrumental production.

Rite Hook, The Motions (ft. Chris Rivers)
I’m getting seriously Immortal Technique vibes on this one – and that’s always a good thing. Some really heavy lyrics and a strong flow, this is a great track.

Image: MS