New York City Declare January 20 As ‘David Bowie Day’

In case you missed it, David Bowie died last week. Since then, the world has been in the throws of a crippling grief, but as grief seems to do, it’s now beginning to turn into a celebration of his life rather than a mourning of the world’s loss. Just days ago, Arcade Fire threw a parade in his honour that brought New Orleans to a standstill, and now New York City has given the man his own day.

As his album ★ (Blackstar) sits comfortably at #1 on the charts in more than 20 countries including the US for the first time ever, and the final shows of his Broadway play Lazarus sold out, the mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, has proclaimed January 20, 2016 as David Bowie Day. He is also tipped to read out the proclamation at the curtain call of Lazarus‘ final performance that night, to which huge crowds are expected to gather. Previously, the city of Chicago declared September 23, 2014 as David Bowie Day, when the fantastic exhibition, David Bowie Is came to town.

Bowie’s family made the announcement via his official Facebook, along with the ever growing list of accolades his final album is receiving. Made as a departing gift to fans, even Bowie’s palliative care doctor has written an open letter thanking him for how he handled his death, and inspired others to look at things differently.

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