M-Phazes And Dylan Joel Head Up Hip-Hop Charity Event “United Front”

National Youth Mental Health Foundation Headspace is getting big ups from the hip-hop community. Over the weekend, M-Phazes and Dylan Joel will be playing a charity event in support of the mental health provider’s Collingwood branch and their work raising awareness and providing early intervention for youth mental health issues.

The event, called Hip-Hop: A United Front, will also feature a number of local artists including MzRizk, Thaddeus Doe, Mistress, Verbal Tactics and Man Made Mountain. In addition to music, the charity event will also feature live DJs, graffiti artist and a rooftop exhibition, where pieces created by local artists and photographers will also be up for sale.

The event follows the parody single Doin’ Numbers put out by Triple J breakfast hosts Matt and Alex last year, all proceeds from which went to Headspace. In our interview with him last year, Joel – who is employed as a qualified youth worker– spoke about the importance of music, especially when to comes to connecting with and supporting young people.

Headspace supports young people in Australia across a number of issues, including but certainly not limited to: drug and alcohol counselling, homelessness, bullying, depression and anxiety and Indigenous social and emotional well-being. If you are a young person who feels they need assistance dealing with mental health issues, you can contact one of the Headspace centres via their website or on the phone. The national number is 1800 650 890.

Hip-Hop: A United Front
Sat, Jan 16: The Evelyn Hotel (tickets here)

Dylan Joel
Mistress and Dizz Beats
Mz Rizk
Thaddeus Doe and Lotus
Verbal Tactics
Man Made Mountain

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