M.I.A Shares Letter From Paris Saint-Germain Demanding ‘Borders’ Video Taken Down

M.I.A has shared a letter via Twitter, allegedly sent by the lawyers of football team Paris Saint-Germain, regarding her wearing a PSG jersey in the video for Borders. The letter demands the video, part of her new audio-visual project Matahdatah, be taken down immediately.

The letter describes her appearance in the team’s jersey as an “unpleasant surprise” and have demanded compensation and the removal of the video. They also mention that the names of their sponsors, such as NIKE and QNB can be seen, as well as Emirates, whose logo had been changed to ‘Fly Pirates’ from ‘Fly Emirates’.

“More than being surprised, we simply do not understand why we are associated, through our logo and the official jersey of our team’s players, to such denunciation,” it said.

M.I.A responded to this in a series of tweets, posting the letter in full.

The letter also claims that the club had donated €1 million (or AU$1.6 million) to charity in support of helping refugees find safety. While the letter, which was sent on December 21st, asks of their demands to be met after 24 hours, the video is still available online.

M.I.A has spoken about her passionate views on the refugee crisis in a previous interview with NPR, which you can read here. Watch the video for Borders below.