Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco Announces “Roy” Will Be His Final Album

Lupe Fiasco has taken to his Twitter to announce that the album Roy will be his last album, ever.

The announcement, which will come as quite a shock to Lupe fans, comes after a series of tweets posted late last year which detail his future album releases. The rapper, who truly returned to form last year with his latest album Tetsuo & Youth, announced that he would be dropping three full albums in 2016: Drogas, Skulls and Roy, as well as a sequel to 2007 album The Cool, due for release in 2017 (on the tenth anniversary of the original album):


Now, Lupe has tweeted once again, claiming that Roy will be the last album. Although he quickly clarified that The Cool 2 will still be out in 2017 (It eld to fans questioning the fate of The Cool 2, which seems to be scheduled for release after Roy. Lupe replied with yet another tweet minutes later, confirming that whatever The Cool 2 is, it’s still happening in winter 2017.

Fans are now uncertain as to what The Cool 2 will actually entail. If Roy will be his final album, will he simple be recording TC2 in advance? Will it be a ‘best of’, or a collection of remixes or deep cuts?

Only time will tell.

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