LIVE REVIEW: Halsey Slays Her Second Sydney Show

I didn’t realise just how dedicated Halsey fans were until I saw the line at the Metro Theatre last Friday. It stretched right around the building and continued on as more and more people joined us. I met two girls who were in front of me as we waited. They mentioned that they had travelled four hours to come and see her live.

When we finally got inside, we climbed up to the back of the room, that is, the only place we could find a free spot. It was completely packed out. Looking down at the mosh pit, we knew it would get crazy down there.

Supporting act BØRNS took the stage in a huge way. As soon as they played their first note, I felt the music starting to pound through the floor. I’ll admit that it was the first time I had heard his music, but he maintained his incredible stage presence with his interesting voice and cool attitude. There wasn’t much chit chat between songs, but there was so much energy throughout the set. It rubbed off onto the crowd, pumping them up for the main act of the night.

When Halsey finally graced the stage, she was welcomed by a great noise. However, we couldn’t exactly see her. I’m sure it looked great from the front of the pit, but from up on high, the lights blinded us. Aside from that, the sound was great and her stage presence was inspiring. The audience was loving it.

One of my favourite things about the show was the push for audience involvement. Whether it be by allowing the audience to start singing Ghost or asking them to hold up the lights on their phones for Drive, she gave us a chance to be a part of the show instead of just watching it. She even stepped into the crowd during Is There Somewhere, getting amongst the people who got her where she is today. Not only was it great to see, it kept things interesting.

She smashed out every song like a true professional, ensuring no moment was easily forgettable. She mentioned that when she was writing the album she thought about how great it would be if it made it to the top 40. In Australia, it made it to the top 2. Every single song was performed with as much energy as the first, providing a fun, carefree atmosphere.

After a stellar performance of Hold Me Down, she thanked everyone for coming to see her and ran off stage. It was over.

Or was it?

The lights were still dark. The crowd began to chant her name, faster and faster. The screen lit up with lines of black and white. Halsey burst onto the stage once more and played an encore. The crowd was overjoyed.

If you missed out this time, I’m sure she’ll be back to play a much bigger venue very soon.

See our photos from the show here.