Listen To The Incredible Cover Of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ By Gang Of Youths

Music touches us all in different ways, and it’s bittersweet that it takes the loss of a legend to make us all realise how connected we truly are. As the world’s tears still fall in mourning for the late, great David Bowie who passed away earlier this week, we are reminded everywhere of just how many of our lives were touched by him and his genius, no matter if you’re the editor of this website or an international rock star yourself.

The tributes have been pouring in thick and fast over the past few days, and in many different forms. From obituaries to twitter messages, tribute shows, rehashing old emails or even giving a tribute from space, it seems many people across the world have put their own spin on how they would like to give thanks to Bowie. One of the most beautiful ones, however, comes from Australian band Gang Of Youths.

It’s not sure which member of the band wrote it, but a touching message was posted on their Facebook page today along with a cover of Heroes. “I wish I had some ornate or choice words to express how sad I am at the moment but I don’t,” it read, “So I figured the best way for me to remember David Bowie was to cover the first song of his that I ever heard.”

“At the risk of being trite, Heroes changed my life. The melody accompanying ‘I, I will be king / and you / you will be queen’ is to me, not only the finest melody the thin white duke ever wrote but among the finest ever written period.”

The results are amazing. Raw, powerful, vulnerable and exposing, the band leave it all out for you to see (or hear), and openly grieve. Frontman David Leaupepe shines, his voice totally captivating over the sparse string section and piercing claps that make up the rest of the track. It’s one of those covers that stops you in your tracks, and has you reaching for the play button again and again and again and again.