Giorgio Moroder Is Getting A Tribute Album

Italian disco legend Giorgio Moroder has received the genuine honour of having a tribute album recorded for him in recognition of his contribution to the world of dance music.

However, while most tribute records feature artists of a similar genre or musical guild, the roster for this one is sure to raise more than a few eyebrows.

The project, titled Countach (For Giorgio) and pioneered by country-rock enigma Shooter Jennings, will feature artists such as Brandi Carlile and video-game developer turned crowdfunded astronaut (you read that correct) Richard Garriott de Cayeux, just two of the many unique names appearing on the disc.

Yet these names don’t even come close to the surprise of seeing shock rocker Marilyn Manson on the list.

The king of horror punk will lend his own dark musical flavour to Cat People, a song originally featuring David Bowie on vocals. The track featured on the soundtrack to the 1982 horror film of the same name.

Countach is expected to arrive late February. View the full track listing and feature list below.

01. Loading…
02. Countach
03. From Here to Eternity
04. I’m Left You’re Right She’s Gone
05. Born to Die (feat. Steve Young)
06. Chase (feat. Richard Garriott de Cayeux)
07. Love Kills
08. The Neverending Story (feat. Brandi Carlile)
09. Cat People (feat. Marilyn Manson)