LISTEN: Jhene Aiko’s New Track Is Powerful And Upfront

Get ready Jhene Aiko fans, she has a new track for you to hear!

Interestingly titled B’s & H’s, the track is a powerful message to all the guys who have ever taken a girl’s good nature for granted and ruined a perfectly good relationship. Aiko speaks for all the women who have ever been cheated on, left for someone else or just not taken seriously enough. She previously performed the track during a few of her live shows. It’s about time the rest of us got to hear it.

Despite it’s smooth R&B melody and soulful atmosphere, it is full of fire and emotion. The music is slow and simple, putting the emphasis on the story. The lyrics are harsh and to the point. They depict the anger and hurt we all feel after the betrayal. Most of the emotional lyrics are targeting the man in question, however, some of them are calling out the song’s namesake for their lack of consideration and inability to realise what kind of person this guy is.

It ends with a phrase we should all remember, “I am the chosen one.” Translation: “You are amazing and don’t you let any one tell you otherwise.”

Whether it will be on her upcoming album, we’ll just have to wait and see. For now, check it out below.

Aiko is going on tour for the first time in Australia from late February to the beginning of March. Here are the dates:

Monday Feb 29: Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Tues March 1: The Forum, Melbourne
Thurs March 3: The Tivoli, Brisbane
Sat march 5: Metro City, Perth

Get your tickets here.