Lana Del Rey Files Restraining Order Against Crazed Fans

It’s been alleged that Lana Del Rey has successfully obtained a pair of restraining orders against two Russian girls who reportedly are so obsessed with her that Del Rey fears for her life. 

The pair have allegedly “hunted her down”, put violent and threatening letters in her mailbox and even threatened suicide, TMZ reports

According to TMZ, Del Rey has even hired a full-time bodyguard and off duty LAPD officers to protect her from them and other fans, and even prompted her to move house to shake them – to no avail. 

Nataliia Krinitsyna and Iuliia Vladimirovna will now be forced to stay 100 yards clear of Lana and her home. Whether this prevents them from attending any of her live shows in unclear, which presumably would be the ultimate of punishments for a pair of super-fans. 

It follows a tumultuous few months for Del Rey, whose 2013 Jaguar Xk was allegedly stolen from her house just a few weeks after a man was discovered living in her garage. 

Despite dropping her acclaimed fourth album Honeymoon this year, there’s no tour yet on the cards, much less a tour to Australia. Hopefully now she can get started planning one.