Kanye West To Premiere New Album In Cinemas In Sydney & Melbourne

Much like he did with the launch of his latest fashion line, Kanye West has confirmed that he will be debuting his new album – which just changed its name from Swish to WAVES, at cinemas across the world.

The album, which West has described as the greatest album of all time, will be premiered at Madison Square Garden in New York City, and will be streamed live to cinemas around the world, including Sydney and Melbourne.

The show will run for a full ninety minutes, and will include a performance by visual artist Vanessa Beecroft.

For those who are interested in heading down, the album/film/whatever you want to call it will air at 8am on Friday February 12, at Hoyts in Melbourne Central, and Broadway in Sydney.

Tickets are available now at the Hoyts website, who have titled the premiere Yeezy Season 3. We headed to the last film screening of Yeezy Season 2 – check out what we found out right here.

As well as announcing the name change, Kanye also re-posted the hand-written track listing that he teased us with a couple days ago, adding in an eleventh track, hints at featured guests (including A$AP Rocky and The-Dream,) and has apparently split the album into three stages.

Whether you can make it to the cinema or not, Kanye West will be releasing his new album, WAVES, on Friday, February 12 – and we are very, very excited about it.

Image: Getty Images