Kanye drops new track, 2016 is officially lit

Coming off what was arguably one of the craziest years in hip-hop in 2015, Kanye West has ensured that he is the first artist to stamp his name in the pages of 2016 with the all new track, Facts, a hard-hitting, braggadocious release that is reminiscent of the previous All Day. 

With no features, Kanye pulls no punches and immediately makes his presence known over an in your face beat;

Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman”

It wouldn’t be a Kanye track without alluding to the success of his signature line with Adidas, with the Yeezy shoes becoming the most sought after piece of streetwear for hypebeasts and hip-hop heads alike in 2015. He doesn’t stop there however, taking shots at his former affiliate Nike, with a reference to none other than Drake, and the mammoth billion dollar deal the company just struck with basketball star LeBron James;

If Nike ain’t have Drizzy man they would have nothing”

Nike Nike treat employees just like slaves/ gave Lebron a billi not to run away”


The lyrics themselves indicate that the track has not been sitting amongst the archives waiting for a release, with references to Steve Harvey’s now infamous Miss Universe gaffe being some of the notable highlights of Kanye’s verses.

Don’t for a second think that Kanye isn’t aware of the eagerness to hear his much anticipated album, Swish:

I ain’t drop the album but the shoes went platinum”

With each listen there is another new verbal barb or not-so humble brag that stands out, and with a ferocious beat and Yeezy back to his fiery best, we can be sure that 2016 is going to give 2015 a run for it’s money.

What are you waiting for? Listen here.