Jeezy Drops Politically Charged Video For ‘Sweet Life’

Yesterday, January 18 was Martin Luther King Day in the United States. MLK Day was set up to honour the activist, humanitarian, and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement and to remind everyone of the struggle and indomitable spirit of the African-American people.

He continues to inspire and encourage people to have a voice, including Atlanta rapper Jeezy, who took to Twitter yesterday, announcing the release of something special. He then dropped the visuals for his track Sweet Life, featuring Janelle Monáe, from last year’s album Church in the Streets:

The video was released via CNN along with a statement from Jeezy: “Ever since I came into this music game, I’ve tried to make motivational music, whether you’re on the corner hustling or in the corner office making power moves. Sweet Life is no different, but it’s a bit more of a personal track because I rap about my own trials and tribulations. I wanted this video, with Janelle Monáe, to show what could have happened to me and does happen to African Americans every day.”

The video depicts an older Jeezy reading about his rags-to-riches story in the newspaper, with each article giving viewers a snippet of Jeezy’s troubled upbringing, including images of street fighting, drug dealing, police brutality, and death. Eventually, Jeezy reads “Atlanta rapper brings home the gold.” A sweet life indeed, check the clip below.

Image: RapRadar