Henry Rollins Shortens His ‘Kill List’, Takes Morrissey Off It.

If you listen very carefully, you’ll hear what sounds like a huge gust of wind but is actually the original Sad Boy (sorry Yung Lean) who used to front The Smiths, one Morrissey, breathing an enormous sigh of relief at what can only be described as the best news he’s heard in his entire life.

The news? Morrissey is officially off of Henry Rollins‘ ‘Kill List’, (something most sane human beings have, right?) after somehow surviving being on it for a good few years. Here’s an actual interview with actual things said by Henry Rollins when he was a guest on Australian institution rage.

If you couldn’t be bothered watching it, Rollins detailed the hypothetical untimely end he would most like to see befall Morrissey (spoiler: it’s with fire):

We’d get a sound mic in the air and just hear the sound of his polyester shirt burning the skin and his last cries on Earth. What we could do is put a house beat behind it, put it on a 12-inch and sell it to all these emaciated kids with bad teeth who don’t have enough vitamin C and never get outside.”

Uhhh… sure Mr. Rollins. Please don’t hurt us.

In an interview with The Guardian recently though, Rollins unequivocally retracted those past statements, having thoroughly mellowed out in the intervening years apparently. Regarding that past interview, Rollins had this to say:

“Well, I like the guy. I think he’s very intelligent and has real good taste in music. It’s nothing I’d say on stage now because I think it’s poorly meant, but that’s why we humans are allowed to subtly evolve here and there.”

How very benevolent of you, Henry. Rest assured though, Rollins definitely confirmed the existence of a kill list but stopped short of naming names, there are apparently two of them, simply stating that ‘Every day I don’t get them I consider a partial failure’. A statement I’m unsure of whether to laugh at or wet my pants. The name Donald Trump was brought up in the same interview with Rollins slamming him, so make of that what you will…

There’s been no response from Morrissey just yet.