Glastonbury 2015 Reveals Stats On Drug-Related Crime

A freedom of information request has revealed a significant decrease in drug related crime at 2015’s Glastonbury Festival.

In a report by The Bristol Post, the level of drug usage at the 2015 festival has been compared with 2010’s instalment, and the results are quite surprising.

The report states that 1,639 grams of cannabis was confiscated at the 2015 festival, a sharp drop from the 7,600 grams picked up six years ago.

The report also notes that no LSD tablets were confiscated at the 2015 event, as opposed to the nearly 80 LSD tablets seized by police in 2010.

The local Avon and Somerset policing operation brief, also released under the same act, re-affirmed the strong stance held by police towards drug use at the festival.

It noted that”Avon and Somerset Constabulary will not tolerate the illegal possession or supply of any illicit drugs and are committed to reducing not only the support and use of illicit drugs, but also the harm they cause to both the individual and the community and will seek to apply this commitment to all that we do.”

Despite these significant improvements, the report also notes that consumption of ecstasy has been steadily rising, with 880 tablets confiscated from last years event in comparison to the 40 pills  found in 2010.

In response to such facts, the brief noted that, “Where there is evidence of drug offences, officers will investigate fully and use all legislative procedures available to them.”

Increased officer presence on the festival grounds is believed to have played a major part in stamping out illicit substances at the festival, with around 50 officers patrolling the 2015 event.

The introduction of new psychoactive substances that create ‘legal highs’ are also believed to have influenced the drop, with the brief stating that “there would be an ample supply of them at the festival.” It should be noted, however, that this is not a good thing. The rates of overdose and death on legal highs are not far behind those of illicit substances.

The 34th Glastonbury festival will take place between June 21st and  June 25th 2016.

Both Coldplay and Adele are strongly tipped as headliners, with speculation also swirling around the possibility of Foo Fighters and Muse to make their returns to the festival.