From One Starman To Another: Astronaut Tim Peake Pays Tribute To David Bowie

It only seems fitting that one starman pay tribute to another. Sitting far above the world and orbiting a planet full of grieving fans, British astronaut Tim Peake has payed tribute to legendary singer David Bowie via Twitter.

Peake sent his message from the International Space Station, where he has been in orbit since December, after it was revealed Bowie had passed away from an 18-month battle with cancer on Sunday. 

It was only fitting to commemorate the life of Ziggy Stardust with a condolence from space, the etting for so many of his songs and personas. Always fascinated by the cosmos, Bowie penned Space Oddity in 1969 to tell the story of ‘Major Tom’, an astronaut adrift in the vast nothingness of space, “sitting in my tin can, far above the world.”

The song was given a very fitting rework in 2013 when Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield did a zero-G version with his guitar as he orbited Earth aboard the space station. The clip was viewed millions of times and Bowie himself gave the seal of approval, calling it “the most poignant version of the song ever created.”

Hadfield tweeted his condolences on Monday.

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