Fetty Wap & Selena Gomez Collaborate For “Same Old Love” Remix

In what could possibly be one of the most unlikely collaborations to come out of the last few months, Selena Gomez and Fetty Wap have paired up for a remix of Gomez’ Same Old Love. 

Both artists made major waves in the music industry last year, with Gomez’ Same Old Love and, Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen receiving No. 2 positions on the Billboard charts. Despite their obvious differences, it’s somehow fitting to hear them on a track together. While the track’s structure remains largely the same, there are some obvious Fetty Wap influences on this version, both sonically and lyrically. The track is easy enough to listen to, sure, but it’s not exactly deep or about the break any new ground. The lyrics contain meaningful and quotable lyrics like, “I am so sick/ I’m hoping you’ll notice, yeah baby/ So sick of the same old love/ Like a dose of the same old drug, yeah baby/ Really starting to get under my skin.”

This isn’t the first time Same Old Love has been reworked, however. Just last November, Gomez shared the Same Old Love (Remixes) EP, which featured remixes from electronic artists, including Borgore and Filous.

Listen to the track below: