Fans sign petition To Name Element After Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister

He may be gone, but fans certainly aren’t letting Lemmy Kilmister be forgotten. The rock ‘n roll legend is now at the centre of a fan petition to get one of four newly discovered “super heavy” elements named after him, after they were inducted into the Periodic Table.

Eighteen and a half thousand people have already signed the petition that was made to honour his memory. Fan John Wright learnt of the discoveries and has asked the Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry to name one of the elements Lemmium, in tribute to the rocker. The fact that scientific rule dictates the discoverer must name the element though is clearly of no concern to all the loyal Motorhead fans.

Lemmy passed away at the age of 70 on the 28th December last year after a short but aggressive battle with brain cancer. He had been ill for a sustained period but continued to tour while in support of his band’s 22nd studio album Bad Magic. Watch one of the last interviews he did below, which shows his legendary humour and sharp wit still on full show while he discussed the Paris terror attacks and his legacy amongst many other things:

Lemmy’s funeral was originally scheduled to take place in his favourite haunt the Rainbow Bar and Grill on the famed Sunset Strip. The musician lived in an apartment in short walking distance from the bar, which he regularly attended while drinking his Jack Daniels and Coke, and playing on an old arcade machine in the corner. However the response to the icon’s passing was so overwhelming that the whole of Sunset Strip will now be hosting the front man’s funeral service and it will all be streamed live on Youtube for fans around the world to see.

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