DJ Khaled Becomes Middle School Principal

Just when you thought DJ Khaled could not influence the next generation anymore than he already has, everyone’s favourite exuberant musical persona has been given the reins to a Miami middle school for a day. Don’t fret, there were no emergencies and the schoolchildren did not suddenly become lost at sea.

Jetski 101 actually went off without a hitch this time.

Carol City Middle School (probably soon to be renamed Finga’ Licking Elementary) opened its doors to DJ Principal Khaled and welcomed him with open arms, providing a platform to preach some of the key lessons of life success, which one can only imagine revolve around being smart, loyal, focused and appreciative.

There are scant few details regarding the specifics of DJ Khaled’s pedagogical methods, though it is likely he introduced his revelatory ‘Another One’ method of learning via repetition to the classrooms of Carol City in his brief time there.

It wasn’t all catchphrases and punchlines however, with Khaled showing that he is both genuine and eager to give back to the community. The larger than life producer supplied a free lunch to all of the students, courtesy of none other than his established Finga’ Licking restaurant chain (which also happened to feature prominently in the album cover for his latest record I Changed A Lot). In addition, Khaled also donated $10,000 to the school in order to fund musical equipment, perhaps in the hope of ensuring that the next generation of musical minds are cut from the same cloth.

For the unaware, DJ Khaled has become perhaps the bastion of motivation for the human race, delivering inspiring messages for people of all walks of life and captivating the hearts of a generation desperately crying out for a saviour. He is a fountain of knowledge on a wide range of topics, including #REALLIFE, how to have the best headphones in the game right now, the correct way to spend money stacks, pool champagne, speedboat etiquette and many other subjects relevant to 21st century society.

First stop; principal. Next stop; President? We can only hope. Bless up, kids.