David Bowie Cremated in New York City

Music legend David Bowie has been privately cremated in his adopted hometown of New York City.

According to British newspaper The Mirror, Bowie refused a funeral service or public memorial in favour of a more private affair – so private, that it’s alleged even his wife of 23 years, Iman Abdulmajid, didn’t attend. The star had been famously reclusive during the last decade and a half of his life as he spent time with his wife and young daughter in New York City, withdrawing from the public eye almost entirely.

“There is no public or private service or public memorial. There is nothing,” a source is reported to have told the newspaper.

The 69-year-old lost his fight with cancer over the weekend after a previously undisclosed 18 month long battle. He had only celebrated his birthday two days prior with the release of his 25th studio album, entitled Blackstar. The album was described by long time friend and producer Tony Visconti as a “parting gift” from the music icon to his fans. “His death was no different from his life- a work of Art,” the producer concluded in his heartfelt Facebook post.

The album had been receiving glowing reviews in various publications since its release, and looks set to earn him his first ever no. 1 album in the US. Before the album, his last release was a dark video for the single Lazarus which features him in a hospital bed with buttons for eyes. Bowie singing, “Look up here I’m in heaven, I’ve got scars that can’t be seen,” has taken on a whole new meaning in today’s context.

His death sent shockwaves around the world at the weekend as fans have tried to comprehend the news of the legend’s passing. He had a career that spanned six decades with such massive hits as Let’s Dance, Fame, and Heroes that helped significantly change the fabric of pop music forever.

The English star no doubt going down as a true innovator who constantly sought to change both his sound and his image as he strived for new musical levels.

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