Apple Rumoured To Remove iPhone Headphone Jack, Introduce Wireless Headphones

Reports from sources within tech giant Apple have suggested that the iPhone 7 will feature wireless headphones.

According to Apple fan forum Mac Rumours, rumours have been swirling over speculation that the newest models of the iPhone will no longer feature a headphone jack. Instead, the spot will be home to an all-in-one lightning connector for both connectivity and audio output. 

Chinese websites Anzhou.cn and Wei Feng (both require translate) have claimed the rumour to be true, stating that Apple will release their own wireless Bluetooth headphones in what would be a ground-breaking move for the company. 

Mac Rumours also report that Japanese website Mac Otakara have weighed into the discussion, claiming that Apple may also release Lightning-quipped EarPods, in addition to the Powerbeats2, Solo2 and Studio wireless headphones that are already offered through their own Beats brand. Considering their acquiring of Dr Dre’s Beats, it’s completely likely that they’re looking to make the relationship between the two fairly exclusive. 

The rumour has also revived speculation that Apple could be on the verge of introducing wireless recharge packets, as users would not be able to charge the smartphone as well as using Lightning-equipped headphones.

Despite all the excitement, there is always the possibility that these rumours are simply that…rumours designed to hype us up for the next instalment of iPhone that really doesn’t change much at all.

Fingers crossed!