WATCH: Animal Collective Shares Colourful New Clip

Animal Collective are releasing their new album Painting With in February, but for now we have a brand new music video to digest. FloriDada is the band’s first single from the album, so it’s fitting that the accompanying video makes a big statement.

The brightly-coloured animation features people with patterned bodies, in a technicolour world where lovemaking is the only thing on their minds. The entire four minutes are a psychedelic trip of madness with no chance of getting back to reality. The video has so much happening that you’ll need to watch it a couple of times to completely absorb everything.

The complexity and pace of the video matches the melody of the song, which has a swift pop melody and a myriad harmonised sounds pushed together in a musical frenzy. Its fun and quirky vibes will no doubt twist and turn your own mood in an instant, as long as you can handle the craziness.

This will be Animal Collective’s tenth album to date. Fans have been waiting for four years since 2012’s Centipede Hz. So if you need something to get your mind off the fact that it’s Monday, watch the video below.

Painting With will be released on February 19th.