Image via Paste Magazine

Animal Collective Launch Free App With New Music

The latest move in one of the longest running album teases ever, US group Animal Collective have now launched a free app as part of the lead up to the release of their new album, Painting With.

Launched under the same name, Painting With allows iOS users to create “real time” artwork and collaborate with other users. With features like custom brushes and an option to export sessions to video, users are encouraged to upload to Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #PaintingWith. Submissions are in with a chance of being posted on the band’s website.

The app is also the only place where fans can hear Animal Collective’s latest track Lying In The Grass. The song will not available elsewhere until next Monday, and is expected to be the last single before the full release of the album on February 19.

The band have teased the album since its completion last July, with single and video releases as well as a mysterious airing of the entire record over Thanksgiving. Clues eventually lead fans to Baltimore airport, in the band’s hometown, where Painting With was aired over the loudspeaker through the terminal. The band will also be embarking on an international tour to promote the album over the next few months.

Check out the tutorial video created by the band.