14 Year Old Girl Confirms Tyga Sent Her ‘Uncomfortable Messages’

14 year old Molly O’Malia has spoken publicly on the scandalous online messages that she reportedly received from L.A. rapper Tyga.

Accompanied by high profile women’s right advocate and celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, O’Malia held a press conference detailing her interactions with the 26 year-old rapper.

Molly asserts that the relationship began when Tyga privately messaged her on Instagram. She began to converse with the LA rapper under the assumption that he was interested in her music, and that she became wary when asked to FaceTime on three occasions. She stopped responding soon after.

Contrary to claims within tabloid media, Molly asserts that the messages were the extent of the pair’s dealings. She reaffirmed that Tyga did not cheat on her with celebrity partner Kylie Jenner.

Tyga has yet to comment publicly. Whether the rapper had romantic intentions or was aware of O’Malia’s age remain unknown.

Molly was also critical of OK! Magazine which initially published anonymous details of the Tyga’s messaging without her consent. O’Malia also stated that she wanted to deliver her account in order to warn other young women.

Whether any legal action will be taken remains to be seen.

Tyga dropped latest track Gone Too Far on January 2nd.

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