dale cooper

Welcome to Twin Peaks + Britney: The Mash Up You Never Knew You Needed

Twin Peaks and Britney Spears fans don’t often have cause for mutual excitement, but on this very rare and special occasion, both can rejoice in a magical little piece of musical wonder. Internet mashup genius Conrad Tao has gone to the effort to overlay the forlorn Spears ballad Everytime with the eerie original Angelo Badalamenti theme song from the 1990’s cult hit series. And the results are surprisingly wonderful.

I don’t know about you, but it’s enough to make me want to get my Audrey Horn sway on.


Fans are already eagerly awaiting the return of the show, ear marked for some time in 2017. Until then, they can revel in this little bit of Lynchian madness with the soft voice of the once pop princess evoking the feelings of dreamscapes, uncertainty and strangeness that furnished the ethereal Twin Peaks universe. While not a likely pairing, the sugary star who rose to fame in her teenage years could easily be stacked beside protagonist Laura Palmer in a commentary on fragility, innocence and the darker side of growing up.

If you haven’t watched the original series, it’s not too late to join the cult, and if you aren’t already in love with the Britney song, this rendition from Harmony Korine’s own surreal masterpiece Spring Breakers should be enough to get you over the line.