Watch The Weeknd’s Violent and Dramatic New Video for ‘In The Night’

As the year slowly winds down, we can’t help but feel there is a last-minute surge in quality music output; artists not wanting the year to get away from them just yet and still releasing the goods until the very bitter end. One such artist could be The Weeknd, who, just a few days out from 2016, has just released one of the most action-packed clips of the year for his new single, In The Night.

Taken off his superb new album, Beauty Behind The MadnessIn The Night is a pop ballad of sorts, where The Weeknd – aka Abel Tesfaye – sings of his love for a stripper who “dances to relieve the pain”. It’s typically tinged with that sinister, druggy feel that The Weeknd has become known for, and is one of the more straight-and-narrow pop songs that he’s put his name to in recent times. It’s also just a really big track, and therefore deserves a really BIG clip – and now it’s got it.

Directed by duo BRTHR, this video is more of a mini-movie than anything. Featuring murderous strippers finally getting revenge on their obsessed, reptile-carrying clients, there are a lot of guns, a lot of blood and a lot of supermodel Bella Hadid. Hadid, who is actually The Weeknd’s girlfriend ~IRL~, becomes an ultra badass, slitting throats and shooting guys in the backs of their head, before driving off into the night on the back of Abel’s motorcycle – red leather jacket and all.

Whether it’s a tale of a feminist uprising against the male gaze and the subsequent objectification of themselves (probably not) or just a fully sick clip with the theatrics turned up to 11, there is no doubt that this clip is definitely one of the best of this year. Watch it for yourself below!