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Watch An Adorable 11-Year-Old Interview Foals

Foals have become the latest band to be featured on the endlessly cute Kids Interview Bands YouTube channel, which, as the name suggests, is a wonderful, long-running video series of young children interviewing artists.

The clip opens with the interviewee, 5th grader Piper, sitting on a couch in between Foals frontman and concert safety campaigner Yanis Philipakkis, and bass player Walter Gervers.

Piper proceeds to ask the band a series of left-field questions, like, “What music did you like as a kid that you don’t like now?”

Walter noted that “I used to like a lot of kind of power ballads that I don’t listen to now- stuff like Bon Jovi”, while Yannis revealed that he had “listened to a lot of heavy metal, but… I’ve fallen out of love with it.”

Both members went on to reveal some interesting personal details, with both members calmly sitting back and picking off the name of each of the Spice Girls. Watch the full video below.

Kids Interview Bands has become renowned for both the mismatch of children interviewing artists, as well as the intimate details revealed by artists as a result of the questions posed. Past highlights have included Kevin Parker, The Pixies, The Smashing Pumpkins, and even and Nameless Ghoul from Swedish pop-metal act Ghost.

Foals will be visiting Australia this month as part of the Falls festival as well as playing some of their own shows. Catch them at the dates below and check out the official website for ticket info.


Lorne, VIC: Dec 28, 2015 0 Jan 01, 2016 in Lorne, VIC
Marion Bay, TAS: Dec 29, 2015 – Jan 01, 2016 (All ages)
Byron Bay, NSW: Dec 31, 2015 – Jan 03, 2016


Tues January 5: Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Thurs January 7: Festival Hall, Melbourne