Azealia Banks

Watch Azealia Banks’ new clip for “Count Contessa”

It’s rare to see Azealia Banks in the spotlight for anything pertaining to her music, rather than her Twitter feed, but with the release of the video for Count Contessa, she’s made a long awaited switch. The track was the first to be release from Fantasea II, the rapper’s second LP with a still unknown release date. Reports initially suggested the LP would be dropped in July 2014, but with Banks citing troubles with her label and management, it may be a long while until we get to hear the record in full.

Directed by Rony Alwin, the video begins with the rapper walking a pig and getting her fortune read (the fortune teller is also played by Banks), learning that she will soon encounter some romance. The track then kicks off, with Banks dancing in a bathing suit and serving that nonchalant attitude she’s known for. The video also features an unknown female co-star who one could assume is the romantic interest spoken of prior, although it’s never made clear in the video.

The video premiered on Fun-Mag, which also posted a special behind-the-scenes on the life of Azealia Banks. Banks’ discussed her ever-upcoming album with them, stating that “I’ve been working on a full body of work, aka an album, since I was 17 years old. Now, all sorts of things like life and circumstance have happened since then”. It could be possible that she’s simply given up on Fantasea II. However, considering she’s still releasing visual accompaniment’s for tracks that were released years ago, it’s unlikely she has a new or different project in the works.

Take a look at the clip below: