Twin Caverns: Three Albums That Changed My Life

Sydney duo Twin Caverns are one of our absolute favourite upcoming local acts. Blending seductive trip-hop rhythms and melodies with smooth electronic beats and live instrumentation, their sound is as immersive as it is gorgeous, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2016.

We asked Michael and Lou to share three albums that changed their life. Not the most important or objectively “good” albums necessarily, but those which had a personal influence. Their choices are pretty damn gorgeous. Enjoy!

Michael: Flying Lotus, Los Angeles

There was a toss up between this and Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction – that album made me pick up the guitar! But I think I can say more about Los Angeles by Flying Lotus. This album is very special to me – back in 09, a friend from when I was studying audio at TAFE put me onto flylo. It sort of shaped & influenced my writing style immensely. It encouraged me to create my own sample libraries, rather than dig through someone else’s work. It made me think more critically about sound texture and layering. The whole album is so textural. It’s amazing.

Lou: Ainslie Wills, You Go your way, I’ll Go Mine

It was pretty tempting to put Jeff Buckley’s Grace here, but an album that inspires me in a similar way and is a little closer to home is Ainslie Wills’. I only discovered Ainslie’s music in the last year or so, and her confidence and melodic sensibilities constantly blow me away. This is the album I put on when I want to be comforted, reassured, inspired, entranced.. or when I want to do a vocal warmup along to it. Ainslie is uncompromising and unapologetic whilst retaining a sensitivity and delicacy in her music; that I really admire and strive towards.

Michael & Lou: Portishead, Dummy

I look up infinitely to Beth Gibbons as vocalist/lyricist/human; and the production and soundscapes speak to Michael. This album is a longstanding cornerstone in my collection, it’s the kind of album I have had on regular rotation for years and could never tire of. Beth Gibbon’s honesty and yearning is at a peak here, alongside Portishead’s distinct simultaneously stirring and smooth sound. I am always drawn back to Beth making you feel like she’s whispering secrets in your ear at every turn. Bonus points for being bedroom music…