Sydney Will Lift Its Lockout Laws For New Year’s Eve

Sydney partygoers will once again be reminded of what it’s like to go out without nanny state laws this New Year’s Eve, with the Sydney CBD and King’s Cross precincts receiving a slight reprieve for the night.

For just one night only, the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing has advised that the city’s “one-way door policy” from 1:30am will be lifted. The existing 3am cut off for drinks will still be in effect though, as will any other “special requirements”.

However, anyone with hope that this might paint a picture of a freer Sydney in the new year is, unfortunately, mistaken. It is predicted that over one million revellers will descend on the precincts on December 31st to ring in the new year, so this measure has been taken in an attempt to ease foot-traffic and congestion.

OLGR acting executive director Samantha Torres said in a statement, “Removal of the lockout on New Year’s Eve only is a one-off annual exception that is in place due to the unique circumstances.”

“On no other occasion do we see such high volumes of people concentrated in the CBD precinct seeking access to venues at a time that coincides with the lockout,” she continued, in an act that one friend of mine described as kind of like when your parents gave you an extended curfew for a really big party in high school.

So there you have it, Sydney. Your pals in the OLGR have got you. They understand you, and your need to stay out past 1:30am this New Year’s Eve. Don’t worry about the doomed industry, the increased violence in other areas, the closing venues, the stats proving the laws aren’t working or anything like that – the OLGR clearly just have your best interests at heart and just want you to have fun on your special night.*

*Heavy sarcasm. The OLGR don’t understand us at all.