Stitches Has A Death Wish, Won’t Quit Dissing The Game

The Game is used to dealing with beef. He’s grown accustomed to it. The feuds with 50 Cent, a plethora of G-Unit drama, the list goes on. But you have to imagine that The Game currently wakes up in stitches (see what I did there?) when he has seen what his good old pal Stitches has been up to. We’ve documented the history between these two beefing rappers here, but someone clearly forgot to tell Stitches to quit while he’s ahead (or in this case, alive).

Less than a week after being knocked out in embarrassing fashion by The Game’s manager – a man seemingly half his size – Stitches is back in business with an all new diss track entitled Don’t Fear Death. How fitting.

Debuting the track on WorldStarHipHop (because let’s be honest, who else is going to house this garbage?) Stitches claims that he was sucker punched, and that his own squad set him up for the embarrassing confrontation. It seems that Stitches may have been hit a little too hard, and forgot that video of the incident exists in all its satisfying glory. It looks like less of a sucker punch and more of the consequences of spitting on someone’s car and walking up to a group of 30 people acting tough. But hey, each to their own, right?

It remains to be seen if The Game will even bother to respond, but being the hotheaded MC that he is, I’m sure he will not take lightly to the following threats and the sheer mention of his children. Things are getting a little more serious than Drake vs. Meek Mill:

“I’ma pull the thing out and watch the magnum revolve
That’s my revolver, my problem solver
And I’m sorry for your kids they gon’ lose their father”

I walked up by myself and I ain’t even bring a gun. You a stupid nigga if you think this beef is done.” 

We can only hope that this beef is done. PLEASE let it be done.