Rapsody: “Everything Has Just Been Falling Into Place.”

Although she didn’t release an album, Rapsody has still had a crazy year. Aside from releasing tracks with Talib Kweil and Big K.R.I.T, she was given some amazing opportunities, and she has now reflected on the year that was in a recent interview with DJ Booth.

A television appearance on one of the most popular talkshows in America is obviously a huge achievement that she’ll never forget. “Oh yeah. I did Jimmy Fallon with Talib. Who forgets that shit?! I do! That’s crazy. That’s primetime TV, millions of viewers. Nobody just gets on Jimmy Fallon… And backed by The Roots. Man, my year was awesome!”

That’s not her only highlight though. After working with Kendrick Lamar on To Pimp A Butterfly, she changed her whole perspective on life.

“Opening the year up with being on To Pimp A Butterfly was huge and that happened organically and from me trying to do the best I can. That really opened my eyes, like you don’t have to chase things anymore, just do what you do and it will happen how it happens,” she said.

She continued: “This whole year has been an example of that; everything has just been falling into place. I used to make goals for the next year, but this year I’ve been letting everything naturally happen.”

She may also win a Grammy Award for featuring in Lamar’s Complexion (A Zulu Love). She revealed that she changed her approach to the year, teaching us all an interesting way to tackle 2016. Basically, a mix of hard work and a positive attitude helped her get to where she is now.

“I used to make goals for the next year, but this year I’ve been letting everything naturally happen. I didn’t make any lists, I just said to myself, ‘If you work hard and put yourself in the right place things will happen for you,’ and that’s what happened this year. I haven’t been worried about goals and lists. I’ve found myself in a real comfortable place this year.”

2016 looks to be another big year for her. She says she is almost done with her upcoming album, however she is “taking her time with it.” She is working with Anderson .Paak, who will be featured within the album. Keep a look out for that next year, and check out her  fantastic interview where she gave some great insights into gender politics earlier this year.