Rapper Saint West retires, sends message to that other Saint West

When everyone’s favourite rapper God dad Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian had their second child just a few short weeks ago, the world knew there would be repercussions. The endless memes, the trashy celebrity websites going into overdrive, perhaps even yet another lengthy delay on Kanye’s long-awaited new album Swish (seriously, where is it?), but few people thought the birth of Saint West (a name Kanye chose despite his own eligibility for canonisation after My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy) would so directly affect the livelihood of one single person who, until that fateful day, had absolutely zero connection to Kanye or anyone in his extended family.

Enter Lindon, the artist otherwise known as the original Saint West, a man you can probably be forgiven for probably not knowing any of his songs or even that he existed before today. As you can imagine, YouTubing ‘Saint West rapper’ is about as fruitful as trying to find feathers on a housecat, here is one of the few videos of him spitting bars that I could find:

Just days after new Saint West was born he found his own Twitter handle @SaintWest had been modified without his knowledge. This was because he hadn’t been active since 2011 and totally not because Kim chucked a typhoon-grade hissy fit and used Kanye’s future presidential powers to bend and shape the Twitterverse as they please (though the original handle seems like it isn’t being used for anything meaningful anyway). The stage was set for an all-out war, but then today happened.

If you’re looking for Saint West 1.0’s origin story, he’s a Canadian rapper (because Drake doesn’t have quite as big a monopoly on the market as you would believe) and today in possibly the purest show of Canadianism in documented history, instead of firing all of the shots he has surprisingly gone as far as to politely retire so that the newborn Saint West may own that name and the Twitter benefits that come with it, as well as being able to enjoy living a life free of any confusion. Here have a watch:

Truly the noblest of gestures. I’m still surprised the actual physical direction of North West didn’t have the class and humility to do this for Kanye’s firstborn two years ago. There hasn’t been any word out of either Kanye or Kim on the matter of the original Saint West just yet, but surely this unselfishly considerate man deserves some kind of Christmas present or a guest verse on Swish as a reward for being so generous?

For other things besides names that Kanye has allegedly stolen, there’s T-Pain‘s sound and also all of our hearts this one time and also this other time.