PLAYLIST: Top 10 Songs of This Week

Another Friday, another playlist. Once again, we have searched high and low to bring you 10 new tracks you should have on your radar from this week. We’ve got some soul-pop, some sugary-sweet electro, some Courtney Barnett-esque story telling, collabs, debuts and more. Enjoy!

Jodie Abacus, Hot Kitchen

Soul-pop at it’s finest, Jodie Abacus take the award for “Most Fun Track of the Week” with Hot Kitchen. That bassline, that voice, those lyrics – this is almost too good. It’s almost impossible not to move to this song, with it’s nostalgic yet modern approach and a hook that won’t quit. Hot Kitchen is so damn funky, but still encompasses that pop style that makes it extremely accessible as well. It really is the best of both worlds with this bad boy.

Cameron Avery, We’re Just Making It Worse (Ft. Alexandra Savior)

Tame Impala bassist Cam Avery used to make music under the moniker The Growl, and whilst he may have retired that name for the time being, he certainly hasn’t retired his burgeoning talent as a solo artist in general. Teaming up with good mate Alexandra Savior, he has now released the following to his very successful last single, You Can Leave Me On Boxing Day, with this brooding, dramatic, and really enjoyable new track. Let’s hope there is more where this came from!

GRRL PAL, Caught By The Light

Perth duo GRRL PAL win the award for most consistent act of the year, as they wrap up their busiest and best year yet. Pumping out a song a month for the best part of 2015, the duo return for one last track for the year with Caught By The Light – a sugary sweet number that pairs Jay LeKat’s pop vocals with Danny K’s thick production. Don’t let the PC Music influence fool you, there is defiance and power in LeKat’s lyrics. 2016 looks REALLY good for these two!

Charlie Hilton, 100 Million

Teaming up with none other than Mac DeMarco for this track, Charlie Hilton is readying herself and the world for her solo album out early next year. Normally a member of Blouse100 Million is a truly beautiful song. Like a summer breeze gently blowing through your backyard on a lazy summer afternoon, Hilton and DeMarco are a match made in heaven with this nostalgic tune, and it is the perfect soundtrack for Australia’s incoming summer. The heat isn’t so bad when this is playing.

Slow Turismo, Falter

Slow Turismo continue to fight the good fight against generic indie pop/rock, and they have once again released an absolute ripper with Falter. Dynamic, refined and a lot of fun, the band have once again bettered themselves for this latest release and are sounding the best they ever have. It’s upbeat, it’s catchy and it’s rocking enough to really get you going, and it’s also really exciting to think about what they might have in store for us in the new year.

Moonbase Commander, Mirror Mirror (Ft. Cakes Da Killa)

Sydney bass producer Nick Luke, aka Moonbase Commander, has finally shared his latest EP this week. Titled Southpaw, it’s a four-track release that is almost tailormade for throwing down at a party. Sounding like what TNGHT could have been if they were still making music together in 2015, Luke has really outdone himself with this EP and Mirror Mirror is a particular highlight. Teaming up with NYC rapper Cakes Da Killa (the pair have also worked together on another previously released track which is also on Southpaw), Cakes’ sassy flow and MBC’s filthy beats complement each other perfectly. Not wanting to go out tonight? Put this on and try to resist.

Fraser A. Gorman, Skyscraper Skyline Blues

Signed to Courtney Barnett‘s Milk! Recordings, Fraser A. Gorman has been quick to catch the attention of new fans and critics alike with his incomparable songwriting skills and folky nature that sits perfectly alongside his label mates. This latest track is taken from a Milk! Recordings compilation titled Good For You, and whilst the actual release won’t be out until February next year, we have Skyscraper Skyline Blues to tide us over until we can  have the full thing – and that certainly isn’t a bad thing.

Samm Henshaw, Autonomy (Slave) (Ft. Bonkaz)

One of this year’s most hyped artists has to be Samm Henshaw. Touring with international acts, being picked by tastemakers as an artist to watch for 2016, signing to Colombia (Sony) and many more accolades, Samm Henshaw is enjoying some great success right now – and rightly so. His voice is one that sticks with you long after you’ve heard one of his songs, and this latest release is no exception. Teaming up with MOBO Award nominee Bonkaz, Autonomy (Slave) is yet another stunning release from the artist, and is the type of song that sets your insides on metaphorical fire with his burning passion. We just can’t get enough of Samm Henshaw, and something tells us he’s only getting started.

Yuma X, Smoke Trails

Mysterious Sydney duo Yuma X seemingly appeared out of nowhere earlier this year, but we are REALLY glad they did. They make stunning songs, and although their catalogue is rather limited, what they do have on offer makes up for it. Smoke Trails is their third release from their forthcoming EP Home Recordings, and whilst it sits at just below 2 minutes, it’s also their most alluring and captivating. Truly beautiful, we can’t get enough of this duo.

Charles Murdoch, Back To It (Ft. Oscar Key Sung and Banoffee)

Finally releasing his eagerly awaited debut album today, Brisbane producer and Future Classic signee Charles Murdoch looks set to wrap up the year in style now. Becoming known as one of the most innovative and ambitious producers on the local and national scene, he has been hard at work on his debut, and now – along with a new single – we can finally hear it. Teaming up with Oscar Key Sung and Banoffee for this one, his sparse but controlled beats are on full display here as he takes you on a journey with his music. Teaming up with two of the country’s most promising artists for vocal duties also comes in handy too, and Murdoch executes this to full effect.