PLAYLIST: Breakthrough Thursdays 5

Each week, we source the best upcoming, independent music from around the globe, and compile it all into a handy playlist! We love supporting new acts as much as the established ones, and we hope these playlists can put the spotlight on artists who really deserve the online attention.

This week we’re going for mostly chilled out, understated electronica, with a little indie and pop mixed in for good measure.

If you’d like to be included in next week’s Breakthrough Thursdays, please send us your song via SubmitHub.


  • Ryan TorresThe Night Is On Fire
    A interesting and progressive instrumental, blending spacey synths with thick, distorted crunches and a huge beat. Immersive, unique and really nicely put together.
  • MoñechoGreen Sun
    More than seven minutes long, the track traipses between gorgeous guitar layers and haunting folky vocals, eventually picking up on a big, hollowed percussive rhythm.
  • Litany, Work This Out
    A really cool, retro synth track with low-hanging instrumental layers and smooth, delicate vocals singing of a relationship fraught with paranoia and distrust.
  • Camp Candle, The Birthday Circle
    The track opens slowly and synthetically, opening out to a really deep, seductive atmosphere, with shuffling synths and a gorgeous trip-hop-inspired melody. One of my favourites this week.
  • The Running MatesNewsman
    This week’s rock ‘n roll wildcard; the track begins with snippets from TV news reports, before a huge swinging rock rhythm and a digestibly catchy, bluesy melody.
  • The LagoonsHypocrisy
    Hypocrisy is an easygoing indie track with a sweet and smooth melody and a bouncy, yet understated rhythm. This week’s chill-out track, perfect for a sleep Sunday.
  • Kelly KrowWhat About Us ft. Aralune (prod Carlito)
    A padded yet demanding beat anchors this softly-spoken electro-R&B track down, with a slow-moving, emotive melody that takes on a darker face when guest vocalist Aralune joins in.
  • Lola’s GhostHey There
    This is a gorgeous electro-pop track that blends ethereal, ambient synths with an angelic vocal melody. The vocals in particular stand out; dainty yet rich, innocent yet weathered.
  • JJ Jabber, Patterns
    The lone hip-hop addition this week, this is a pretty cool track with a slick flow, and instrumental layers that toy with space, stretched rhythms and a huge beat. Super promising, I love it!
  • LLLie
    Sensual, soulful electro-R&B, this is a cool track for fans of Banks, Khelani and FKA Twigs. The production elements are really great, evoking a smooth fluidity and catchy beat throughout.