PLAYLIST: Breakthrough Thursdays 3

Welcome to the third edition of Breakthrough Thursdays, where we find 20 brand new tracks by upcoming, independent artists from around the world. This week we’ve diversified, with at least one track for pretty much every single genre, from hip-hop and trap, to rock and punk, to electro-pop and ambient and everything in between. As such, we highly recommend playing this on shuffle, or check out the annotations to see what might take your fancy! Click on the links throughout to discover more music from each of this week’s featured artists.

1. SPiON, Sunset (AN-TEN-NAE Remix)
Gushing beats and breathy vocals open up into a huge military beat, followed by a skeezy trap breakdown. For fans of Alison Wonderland or HudMo.

2. Neighbourhood Youth, For Nothing
Grinding indie with a really nice, full atmosphere and a rich melody. The perfect festival vibe, it’s a great mixture of sound between retro and now.

3. She Makes War, Slow Puncture (Disarm:15)
A big, swinging beat and stunning female vocals make this a really fresh, original-sounding, indie-rock track. I love it!

4. Mind Pool, Wonder Lane
This track opens up big before pulling back into a hazy, psychedelic melody atop a gorgeous, temperate rhythm. Listen out for some incredible guitar work

5. Cat Clyde, Mama Said
Another guitar-laden track, the bluesy beat is seductive and smooth, topped by a seriously lovely melody and an angelic voice.

6. Naadei, Cool Friends (prod. Shaqarts)
This is a really sexy track. A slow, rumbling syncopated beat anchors the rhythm, while the husky melody crawls right under your skin. For fans of SZA and The Weeknd.

7. Charlion, Instanbul
A fast and frantic indie-rock track, the affected melody and crunchy beat make this a seriously cool, catchy, radio-ready single from Charlion.

8. Arigato Massaï, We Love (ft. Fannie Lineros)
Spritely and bright, this is a wonderful electro-pop number, featuring some really intricate, interesting production below a fun, soul-filled melody.

9. Brian Shin, Looking Down (prod. Kiri)
It’s the melody that’s really got to me on this lovely future-soul track; smooth and rich, and the perfect accompaniment to the staccato trickles decorating the production.

10. Tomas Doncker, Church is Burning Down
A DnB-inspired beat and deep rumbling vocals aren’t usually paired together, but it makes for a frantic, funky and particularly unique new single.

11. Century of Ecstasy, Sun is Burning
Understated and retro, this is an interesting lo-fi track that toys with volume and atmosphere throughout the washed-over soundscape.

12. Joseph Ruddleston, Corner Baby
This is a really beautiful, fluid indie-folk track, with a sublime, emotive melody that opens up into a huge swinging rhythm. For fans of Bon Iver and Jeff Buckley.

13. Vir Nocturna, Move + Shake
A weird and wonderful instrumental track, anchored by, and orbiting around, a brash beat that almost feels out of place. Listen for the synth embellishments behind the rhythm.

14. Rhyme Selektah, My Grind
Slick flow, fly beats, this is a really cool new single from Rhyme Selektah. The chorus is absolutely massive – I can already picture the singalongs.

15. UNDSKYLD, Wishing Well
Opening on a mariachi-inspired rhythm, this track essentially jams its way through grungy rhythms, huge percussion, and the occasional vocals. I have a feeling this track goes off live.

16. Mik Current, Silhouette
There’s something mysterious and seductive about this trumpet-and-tango-infused track, perfect for the dance-floor at a balmy fiesta. Listen out for the brass solos.

17. Slower Motion, Teardrips
Another cruisey instrumental, it’s so easy to get lost in the rhythm and atmosphere of this gloriously chilled out single. Only 94 seconds, but worth every one.

18. As He Said, Parasite
There’s a lovely jazzy vibe to this understated track, blending alternative pop with jazz chords and a really interesting melody that opens up into a jangly indie chorus.

19. GRIT, LA Don’t Love You
This is a wild and frantic punk track with killer vocals, huge rock guitars and a wicked rhythm. It’s hard to not get caught up in this energy!

20. Molly Moore, Blood. Sweat. Tears.
Ending on a soft and sweet note, this is an emotive, piano-led track with heartfelt lyrics, incredible vocal harmonies and a heartbreaking atmosphere.

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